Sustainability and Responsibility

Nature as our identity

Objectives for the 2030 United Nations Agenda
for Sustainable Development

Finca La Pontezuela aims to improve the quality of life of people through the consumption of EVOO in healthy and treasured dishes everywhere. A part of this objective is paying special attention to our production methods and taking great care of the grove’s natural environment.

We advocate for sustainable social, environmental and economic development by carrying out each of our projects and actions in compliance with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are very aware of water scarcity and its misuse. Consequently, we use efficient and sustainable water management methods in line with SDG 6. We have drip irrigation systems that are monitored through soil moisture sensors. We also use gravity irrigation from the upper areas of the groves and collect rainwater to be applied for later irrigation.

Our environment, our home.

In compliance with SDG 15, we take special care of our soil ecosystem, the life it contains, and its degradation. We apply organic fertilizers made on the estate by composting manure and olive oil by-products. There are watering holes for the fauna that live on our lands or are just passing through. Likewise, nest boxes for insectivorous birds and hives have been located on our premises to promote biodiversity.

We strive to combat climate change and its effects (SDG 13) by implanting the objectives of a Circular Economy, further putting to use our by-products from the grove and mill.

Pruning wastes are chipped and returned to the soil as mulch, olive pits are used as biomass for energy, and our water and olive pulp is used in olive pomace. We find value in our by-products and work to minimize the impacts of our activity.