At La Pontezuela, our goal is to care for the product to get the best quality.

The world is constantly changing. Molecular cuisine, ecogastronomy… We live in the unceasing development of new categories to define the new attitudes towards food. But they all have one thing in common: the demand for product quality, featuring contemporary cuisine and the inexcusable search of the best raw materials. In any case, gastronomic pleasure, new lifestyles and healthy habits intermingle.

Our five elements -earth, water, air, fire and wood (from our olive trees) -, heirs of the Western thinking, are directly involved in the production of our oil and summarize our perception and philosophy towards our rich natural environment, origin of our valued juices.

In this context, “5 elementos” is:

1 Natural quality, authentic flavor. The EVOO is a pure juice extracted directly from the olive through a complex process involving the environment decisively. Caring for the earth is a condition, contemplated by the
ecogastronomy, which becomes a necessity for all of our oils, as it gets reflected in its taste and properties.

2 A product of haute cuisine. In recent decades Spain has revolutionized at a philosophical and a conceptual level the world of haute cuisine. One of its fundamental premises is the inexcusable use of products of the highest quality, that is, those that can provide the purest flavor to the dish.

An affordable luxury. First rate raw materials and price do not need to be antagonistic categories. Elite food has recently added itself to the new trends to offer gourmet products at a competitive and affordable price reaching a wider audience.

4 Modern and urban character. Cooking is a form of socialization that characterizes our urban life style -dynamic, cheerful and direct-, allowing us to explore the diversity of tastes and nuances, searching for a special product, whether for personal enjoyment or for our diners and guests.

Being global while local. Having a traditional product does not mean you cannot get anywhere on earth. The Mediterranean diet is no longer a secret and enjoying it and its products is possible beyond our latitudes.

Placer Gastronómico

'5 elementos' Picual Early Harvest

Extra virgin olive oil with Green fruitiness of medium intensity with a strong presence of aromas and nuances reminiscent of green tomatoes and fresh cut grass. Also noticeable, a combination of fruits such as green apple, with a balance of simple and very clean nuances.

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'5 elementos' Secret Blend - Selección Premium 

Our Premium edition is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil Coupage of varieties of picual, manzanilla cacereña and redondilla. It has a Medium green Fruity intensity with strong presence of aromas and nuances reminiscent of the tomato, freshly cut grass and herbs. A combination of fruits like green banana and sweet almond, balancing and adding complexity to the set.

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'5 elementos' Cornicabra PDO Montes de Toledo

Extra virgin olive oil of Cornicabra, the variety of Montes de Toledo. It has a fruitiness in a medium intensity with strong presence of aromas and nuances reminiscent of berries (blackberry, strawberry) and kiwi. A combination of red fruits is also perceived as a whole.

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‘5 elementos’ Una de mil –Limited edition-

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Redondilla, a centenarian variety in recovery, This limited edition has a medium green Fruity intensity with strong presence of aromas and nuances reminiscent of the freshly cut grass. Notes that provide freshness leaf and stalk that harmonize with a strong perception of bitter and spicy.

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