5 Liters Arbequina PET Carafe

5 Liters Arbequina PET Carafe


5 Liters Arbequina PET Carafe

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Liters PET Carafe made of 100% Arbequina variety obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 L PET Carafe Arbequina

Type of product

Extra Virgin Olive Oil made of 100% Arbequina variety, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.


Finca La Pontezuela, Los Navalmorales, Montes de Toledo, España.


Medium intensity with olive fruitiness with a balance of simple and clear nuances. Green and ripe notes, where is easy to perceive banana, apple and green steam.


In mouth, bitter and pungent attributes in low intensities with good balance counteract with a sweet start. With clear notes of green almond and retronasal nuances reminiscent of wild plants.

Chemical analysis

Acidity: < 0.2º(max. for EVOO: 0.8º)
Peroxides: < 6 (max. for EVOO: 20)

Sensory profile

Green Fruitiness: 5Banana: 4
Green almond:4Bitter: 2
Wild plants: 4Spicy: 3
Apple: 1Sweet: 6
Tipo de AceiteArbequina
MarcaFinca la Pontezuela

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